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Parallel Lines

About Ama Encore

Songstress & Storyteller 


A crafted chaos

A mistress of disguise

The magic of the mysterious 

right before your eyes 


A songstress and storyteller, Ama Encore is more than a multi hyphenate, she’s multifaceted. Born and bred in ever ethnically and culturally diverse Queens NY, Ama Encore is no stranger to the multiplicity of experiences that make up this thing called life. Over the years, Ama’s surroundings encouraged her to develop a chameleonic nature within her artistry that is best displayed in her songwriting.  Equal parts playful, poignant, and passionate, her music acts as a reflection, refraction, and vessel for her many multitudes. An alter ego herself, she adopts different personas to world-build in a way that makes her songs a hybrid of pop that is all at once cinematic, introspective, nostalgic, and progressive. 


Playing make-believe in her music, Ama weaves lyrics into literature so you can play along. She crafts melodies so memorable, you’ll find yourself in immersed in the adventure long after the song is through-- not noticing the truths of life she hid in plain sight. In haunting harmonies and compelling characters, Ama Encore reminds us that pop can be still poetic and powerful, even as it plays pretend. Today she is a covert operative with an air of femme fatale, tomorrow she is a lovestruck ingenue weary of her own devotion, another day she is a grief stricken wander filled with regret. There is no telling who she’ll be next or where her next story will take us. But aren’t you excited to be along for the ride?


Ama Encore will be your motive, baby, if you'll be her partner in crime.


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