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About Ama

From the Inside Out

Ever felt like you had so much to say, so much to express, so much deep within you wanting & waiting to be unleashed? Have you ever felt hesitant to reveal what you think, how you feel, who you are at your core?

For the longest time, I, as Alexis, felt like there was a me I was containing, a me who had something to say that hadn't been said before and couldn't be said in the conditioning I've built around myself. While I've been writing songs since the tender age of six years old, it wasn't until the age of 23 that I could create Ama Encore.

Something I love deeply about songwriting is that it has always allowed me to be my most
funny, sensitive, reflective, creative, and authentic self. I become the best and fullest version of
me. It's a vulnerability out loud that doesn't cower at the thought of being seen. However, as
confident as I can be, me as Alexis never felt confident enough to sing my own songs publicly,
let alone ones about my honest experiences and private thoughts. As I began writing more
personally in my adult life, the need to share my work called to me more and more. I realized I
needed something that would free me from my own inhibitions and idea of self. I needed to be
someone untethered to who I am outwardly and how I am seen. Acting always allowed me a
level of anonymity into a character and freedom of feeling. If I created a character or persona
more me than I was, a truer, more unapologetic incarnation just as fearless, observant, and honest
as I knew I could be than I could play her. I could play me. Enter AMA.

Ama Encore is the woman within coming into her power.

Being an old soul and a new woman grants her the ability look clearly into her
past and future with introspection and kindness rather than reticence and judgement. In her own
way she is a time-traveler stationed in the present. She was made for such a time as this: even if
she does it does not belong to her, she belongs to it.
She is everything I am and hoped for the bravery to be. She is my truest self—a touch out of
place but always where she is meant to be. She is my core and my conscious.

Ama Encore, my most powerful and personal side, is both alter ego and inner voice, ready to change the world through music, from the inside out.

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